4300 km unsupported circumnavigation of the Greenland icecap by means of a Windsledge. An expedition within the 'Windsledge project' - An innovative, sustainable, low operating cost and global impact project.

The Windsledge

Windsledge Data

  • Length: A total of 12 m in three sledges of 3,5- 3,5 and 5m long. 
  • Width: The width is 4m. 
  • Empty weigh: 500 kg. 
  • Square meters of set up sledge: 48 sqmtrs. 
  • Volumen of sled packed up: 1,5 cubic mtrs. 
  • Optimal speed: 10 km/h. 
  • Maximum speed registered: 50 km/h. 
  • Estimated daily-Average distance: 75-100 km/day. 
  • Estimated Weight of sled at the start of the expedition sled +4 people + equipment 90 days: 2.000 kg. 
  • Estimated-load: 2 tons. The sled is designed to carry 4 tons. 
  • Installed Power: 2.000 w. 
  • Number of Kites: 20 kites 3m to 120 square mts 
  • Minimum Wind for Kite Controlling: 6 km/h. 
  • Maximim Wind for windsledge operations: 60 km/h.

Windsledge (new improved)

The windsledge is an adaptation of Inuit sled, and allows to build sleds as wide and long as it is needed. Made of carbon fiber glass fiber, polyethylene and wood. The windsledge consist of 3 sleds adding a total length of 12 meters and a width of 4 m. Each sled is made up of 7 rails attached to each other. The set is composed of 21 sled rails and 360 cross rails.Weighing 500 kilos.
The windsledge is the first sustainable convoy adapted to scientific research. A simple but revolutionary vehicle for Antarctica’s interior.
The windsledge consist of a convoy of three different sleds, each one built of six different pieces.


The locomotive sledge

The locomotive sledge, has very high front rail ends to better address the impacts against sastrugis, the entire area is greatly reinforced.
There will be store boxes with personal, driving and daily use items.
Personal handle the kites will be sitted over the store boxes, the windshield tent will protect from wind and give comfort to the drivers. The kite will pull together from all the sledge-rails.



The Cargo sledge

3,5 m in length and with its front ends lower. Consists of 24 special boxes with solar panels installed on top forming a small solar garden. This is the main loading module with all the scientific and snow samples. When the researcher joins the expedition a work place-lab tent will be tested within these modules. The store sledge has a max capacity of 2.000 kg of cargo.

The living module

5 m in length. It will hold a tent of 4x3,5 m. It will store only personal luggage, a few provisions and cooking tools and resting staff. The module is articulated and flexes like all the sled when moving over the rough surface, but can be equiped with rigid aluminium bars in case the wind exceeds 70 km/h that will give versatility to withstand severe storms and cross over camps of sastrugis. The living sledge is heated by the sun and by a stove while dining or resting.



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