4300 km unsupported circumnavigation of the Greenland icecap by means of a Windsledge. An expedition within the 'Windsledge project' - An innovative, sustainable, low operating cost and global impact project.


2016 Ice Cap Summit Expedition completed

The 8th Windsled expedition completed. In total 1870km from Kangerlusuaq over the Icecap summit at altitude 3240m to the east coast near Tasiilaq and back to Kangerlusuaq.

Actual route 1870km
Plenty of challenges mostly caused by very difficult wind conditions.  However the objective of the expedition testing the newest prototype of the Windsled and its ability to navigate on the icecap carrying 2T and a crew of 6 was a success, along with completing various scientific test.

Link to Official Expedition site for the Windsled including expedition diary.

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