4300 km unsupported circumnavigation of the Greenland icecap by means of a Windsledge. An expedition within the 'Windsledge project' - An innovative, sustainable, low operating cost and global impact project.


And so it begins!

A couple of years ago I met Spanish polar explorer Ramon Larramendi, during a 3 week kayak trip in the fjords around Tasermiut and Kap Farvel in south Greenland. I used his company Tasermiutgreenland for logistics as they are about the only outfitter operating in south Greenland. Ramon was in Greenland at the time, and we got to talk about polar expeditions and the people who had ventured in to the unknown exploring amazing Greenland. At that point I had no idea of who Ramon was, being a great explorer himself, with years of polar expeditions under his belt. I only found out by chance, stumbling over a big book at the hostel in Narsarsuaq featuring his 3 year long expedition through Greenland & Alaska. So imagine the tonne of questions I had by the end of the trip where we met again.
Then a little while ago I got an email from Ramon with a proposal, -if I would be interested in joining a circumnavigation of Greenland with the windsledge, that he is a pioneer of.
As I had quit my job to go freelance, and more or less taken a year off replacing 9-17 with adventures, it took me less than half a second to hit the reply bottom with a big YES, and so it begins!.
In reality I didn’t know too much about the windsledge project, as I had kept my foot in the door on another ski/dog sledge expedition that Ramon also had plans for ‘
SOS Thule’ . But after diving in to all the material I could get my hands on of the previous six windsledge expeditions (....all in Spanish which I don't really master!), I realised what an amazing concept and opportunity this was. Not just for being a ‘first’, but the whole philosophy and simplicity behind the idea. Wind is just the future way for exploration and transport in the Antarctic and Greenland, where the topographic and stable wind systems allows for kiting.
 -why manhaul if you can sail !.

Intro to latest Windsledge expedition 'Antarctica 90S 2011'
...yes, very Spanish & dramatic