4300 km unsupported circumnavigation of the Greenland icecap by means of a Windsledge. An expedition within the 'Windsledge project' - An innovative, sustainable, low operating cost and global impact project.



Twin-otter flying us and our equipment up on the icecap a day earlier (today) do to bad weather coming in. Not fully organized yet and are having some challenges with our communications. But we can't miss the weather window.
Once up on the icecap, as high as the twin-otter can get us, around 1500m direction DYE2,  we'll assemble the sledges and will then sail towards north-east  to get as high up on the plateau as possible, passing 2500m. Will then head north up to 80 dgr passing Thule going into Knud Rasmussen Land? This should not take us more than 14 days with good conditions and is a route done twice with the windsledge. This is also the area with best conditions to set a 24h record >500km. Turning east after 80dgr  and then south, we venture into unknown territories and the remotest part of the journey until we pas the 72dgr again.
Hopefully we can get our communications lines up running fully , else we only have the options for texting without pictures.
Tracking of ours whereabouts should be added to the project web. any time soon.