4300 km unsupported circumnavigation of the Greenland icecap by means of a Windsledge. An expedition within the 'Windsledge project' - An innovative, sustainable, low operating cost and global impact project.


Back in Kangerlussuaq

Back in Kangerlussuaq after an exceptional flight down from the icecap. Feed and showered and now trying to digest 54 days spend on the Greenland icecap. Our windsledge expedition was a success and we managed a full circumnavigation in a total of approx 4300 km in 49 days with a record distance of 427km in the last 21h. It was not possible to follow the exact route we had hoped for but very close .... the wind decides
As we had a bit of problems with our communication , the messages on the blog was very limited, however I wrote  full post daily and I will post them with pictures as soon as I have proper access to the internet again.
Here a few pictures giving a little impression of what we have been doing.